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Great health can taste this good! SURO® is North America’s first organic producer of elderberry-based products. We offer a full range of physician-developed, Health Canada-approved formulations. Available at retailers across Canada and the US.

Featured Products

SURO® Syrups

SURO Adult's and Kid's Syrup

Fight colds, flu, cough and sore throat with SURO® syrup. Physician-formulated, each dose of adult syrup contains over 3,000mg of elderberry, has zero water and is fructose-free. Available in adult and kids formula.

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SURO® Breathe™

SURO Breathe™

Quickly relax bronchial passages, clear mucous, open up airways, and heal inflammation with SURO® Breathe™. Effective against seasonal or environmental allergies, sinus or chest congestion.

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SURO® Chaga Extracts

chaga 2 bottles

This powerful 1:1 chaga mushroom extract is made from responsibly harvested Canadian chaga. Known for its high antioxydant levels and antiviral properties, chaga is truly an exceptional mushroom.

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